Cooking Class Chianti

Cooking Class with Paola & Agnese

We offer one day experiences with us ,  cooking classes for lunch or  dinner. Fun and friendly atmosphere  in the CHIANTI countryside, in the fascinating location of an ancient FARMHOUSE  ,  our family property.

The menu may slightly vary depending on the season and the fresh ingredients available, but among various other things it will usually include  appetizer , a types of home-made pasta (Tagliatelle, angelhair, spaghetti  or  ravioli) second course and dessert .

The class will prove your improved skills in the kitchen, accompanied by tastings of two  different local wines  ( chianti ) and a final typical Tuscan dessert wine, Vin santo .

It will let you learn recipes and secrets that you can bring home with you to surprise your friends with a true Italian meal!

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  1. Hadley Rierson

    Hello. This is Hadley Rierson. I had contacted you via Facebook sent an email last week to which I am not sure if you received? I would love to arrange a cooking class for lunch with you at La Casa Gialla on Saturday, December 23rd. We are a family of 4 (my husband & I and children ages 13 and 9). You were recommended to us by our friends the Gerings who told us you were the favorite part of their trip to Italy last year!!! Please let me know what I need to do to reserve this and what time you would need us to arrive. (We will be staying in Florence).
    So many thanks,
    Hadley Rierson

    2140 Canyon Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90068



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